General Information about Caving on Mynydd Llangatwg

The purpose of these pages is to provide up-to-date information about caving on Mynydd Llangatwg (Llangattock Mountain) and in the Clydach Gorge
This information was last updated on 14/02/19.

Latest News

Following a recent incident when a key was broken in the lock, it is currently more difficult to remove keys from the padlock. Please take care to avoid a repeat of this episode until we are able to swap the padlock for another one.

Road construction work continues in the Clydach Gorge. For safety reasons, Ogof Capel and Ogof Gelynnen are closed from 26/10/18 until summer 2019 while works are carried out in that area.
Ogof Nant Rhin and Ogof Pont Gam are open. Blackrock footbridge is also now open, giving access to Pwll y Cwm and Shakespeare's Cave (and later Ogof Capel).

The next meeting of MLCMAC will be held at the NRW office in Abergavenny on Friday 8th March 2019 at 8 p.m. Observers are welcome to attend. Any other cavers out there who might be interested in joining the committee, please contact the secretary.

Fixed aids which are adopted by MLCMAC and periodically inspected are now labelled with round metal tags marked "MLCMAC". You are reminded that the security of fixed aids in caves cannot be guaranteed. You use them at your own risk and should always inspect them carefully before use.

There have been no recent rockfalls from the cliff above Ogof Craig a Ffynnon but it is inevitable that further rock falls will occur from time to time in the future as they have done periodically over the last 4 decades. Permits are being issued, but parties visiting the cave should be vigilant to the possibility of falling rocks from anywhere along this section of cliff, and not remain in the area of the cave entrance longer than necessary. Be especially careful after a thaw following freezing winter conditions.

Permanent loan keys are available from CSS to bona-fide caving clubs on payment of a 10 pound deposit. Contact Adrian Fawcett (see contact details below).

Access to this cave (temporarily suspended - see above) is managed by Cambrian Caving Council. To limit further damage to formations, all trips must be led by a designated leader for the cave and party sizes are limited to leader + 2. A list of leaders can be found on the Cambrian Caving Council website.

Agen Allwedd gate can be opened from the inside when padlocked on the outside. Therefore the padlock should always be re-fastened as soon as the gate has been opened.
Craig-a-Ffynnon gate padlock is attached to the gate via a special metal bar. Please make sure the last person into and out of the cave knows how to re-fit the bar and lock. If the key does not turn easily, please do not force it as the key has probably not engaged properly with the lock mechanism.


Caves under Llangattock Mountain and in the Clydach Gorge come within the remit of the Mynydd Llangatwg Cave Management and Advisory Committee (MLCMAC). Wardens for the main caves are appointed every two years. MLCMAC works closely with Natural Resources Wales (formerly Countryside Council for Wales), and liaises with the local landowner, Brecon Beacons National Park, and other local bodies. Also it tries to keep the peace in the relationship between cavers and local residents.
Caving trips are monitored via the cave log books and 'caver counters' which are installed in certain caves.
The secretary of MLCMAC is currently Adrian Fawcett
AF's email address

Craig-y-Cilau Nature Reserve

The entrances to Agen Allwedd and Eglwys Faen are located within the Craig-y-Cilau Nature reserve.


In Agen Allwedd and Craig A Ffynnon, the use of carbide is explicitly forbidden. In the other caves it is strongly recommended that carbide is not used, and all spent carbide must leave the cave as it is a pollutant and is unsightly. Bats are present in most of the Llangattock caves and are adversely affected by the fumes. Your cooperation is appreciated.

Car Parking

Visitors should be aware that break-ins have occurred all too frequently to cars parked in the Daren car park and by the cattle grid on the Llangattock - Beaufort road. Parking space outside Whitewalls is limited, and access along the private road must not be blocked. At weekends in particular, please do not park at Whitewalls unless you are going to get changed inside, or have other business there.

Chelsea Spelaeological Society

CSS is the caving club who owns Whitewalls. Other caving groups may book accommodation here. For contact information, please see their web page.