Fixed Aids

There are specific fixed aids in the Mynydd Llangatwg cave systems, which are routinely inspected by cave wardens appointed by MLCMAC. All other in-situ fixed aids should be regarded as unofficial and treated with due caution.

Cavers are reminded that they should always check to their satisfaction that any fixed aid, regardless of its status, is in a safe condition before deciding to use it.

The following is a list of fixed aids currently maintained by MLCMAC:

CaveLocation and Item
Daren CilauAntler Passage ladders (4) and "via ferrata"
Preliminary Passage ladder
Higher Things traverse line
Eastern Flyover ladders (3)
Frag Street ladders (2)
Restaurant at the End of the Universe ladder
Craig a Ffynnon1st BC ladder
2nd BC ladder, handline, steps
Promised land pitch: bolts for ladder and lifeline
Eglwys Faenladder to upper series
Agen AllweddBiza Passage handline
High Traverse handline

The P-hangers at Keyhole Chamber in Agen Allwedd are the responsibility of Cambrian Caving Council