Ogof Craig-a-Ffynnon

This cave has gated access. Access is administered by MLCMAC on behalf of NRW.
See the contact information page for details of how to obtain a permit and key.

Access rules for Ogof Craig-a-Ffynnon.
Permit/key application form

Please enter all trips in the log book which is located about 20 metres inside the cave.

The only fixed aids in the cave are the ladders at 1st Boulder Choke and the ladder and rope/chain at the climb up to 2nd Boulder Choke. Tackle is required for all other pitches. Bolts have been provided for rigging the ladder pitch down into the Promised Land.

Some improvements have been made to the gate to make it easier to open and close the padlock. For further information, see here
Since it is not possible to open the gate from the inside without a key, an emergency key has been provided. This is located by the log book in a sealed packet. If it is necessary to use it, please return it afterwards to the address indicated.

Approximate Trip Times

Hall of the Mountain King and return2.5 hours
Promised Land and return6 hours


In moderate flood conditions, the passage sumps immediately beyond 1st Boulder Choke.

Helictite Passage

In order to protect the delicate formations, only two cavers at a time are permitted in Helictite Passage - and no novices, please.