Agen Allwedd

This cave has gated access. Access is administered by MLCMAC on behalf of NRW.
See the contact information page for details of how to obtain a permit and key.

Access rules for Agen Allwedd.
Permit/key application form

Tackle Requirements

No tackle is required for the main routes, although a 10 metre handline is recommended for the climb down at Keyhole Chamber, where P-bolts are installed. These are the only official fixed aids in the cave. The integrity of in-situ ropes is not not guaranteed and you use them at your own risk.


Certain sections of the cave are prone to flooding. In moderate flood, the area around 3rd Boulder Choke sumps, and in heavier flood conditions 2nd Boulder Choke and the narrow section of Turkey Streamway above Northwest Junction become impassable.
Lower Main Stream becomes impassable and can sump upstream from Southern Stream Passage junction. Also, Maytime floods dramatically.

Approximate Trip Times

These are for guidance, and are for fit, experienced cavers and do not include any allowance for route finding.

Inner Circle6 hours
Outer Circle7 hoursNote 1
Grand Circle7 hours
Iles Inlet6 hours
Maytime7 hours

Note 1: There is an awkward inclined rift at the end of Coal Cellar Passage which is not passable to cavers of above-average build.